We actively seek diverse material for our themed issues. Maps, poems, prose of all kinds, photographs, sketches, and diagrams are welcome. Surprise us!

Upcoming theme: Pocket Guide to Tourtelotte Park [or TBD]

We’re trying out a new model for Pocket Guide’s fifth issue: a collaborative mapping endeavor with invited writers, artists, and other thinkers/makers working to re/create a historic map. Email if you’re interested in throwing your name into the mix. Otherwise, check back here in a few months for an open call for future themes.

General submission info

Writing should be less than 1500 words (we’re pocket-sized). Art can be of any format that shows up well in print. Send all material to, with Submission in the subject line. Attach text as .doc files and images as JPGs, GIFs, or PNGs (300 dpi or higher, please).

We accept previously published pieces if they are awesome, as well as simultaneous submissions. If your piece is accepted for another publication, please let us know immediately.

By submitting, you agree that — if we accept your work and you accept our acceptance — Pocket Guide can publish your work, with non-exclusive reprint rights. You also grant Pocket Guide the right to archive and showcase this work on our website. All other rights remain yours as the sole owner of the work.

Pocket Guide is an almost exclusively hard-copy publication. Text or artwork may be published occasionally on this website for promotional purposes, with full credit to the authors/creators.

We are not able to pay contributors. You will, however, become small-time famous by getting your name in print. You will also receive five (5) free copies of Pocket Guide to distribute to admiring friends and family.

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